Articles about Jewish-Sufi Brotherhood


Shalom/Salaam: A Story of a Mystical Fraternity


Sufism and Hasidism: Shared Spiritual Tales


The Maimonides of Cairo: Five Generations of Jewish/Sufis


How Islamic Conceptions of Prophecy Influenced Jewish Mysticism


The Question of Sufi Influence on the Early Kabbalah


Rabbi Isaac of Acre and His Followers: Early Kabbalists under Sufi Influence


The Sufi Influence on Spanish Jews


Towards an Understanding of the Jewish/Sufi


When Jews wore Turbans: A Surprising History of Jewish/Muslim Mutual Respect


Solomon Ibn Gabirol: A Jewish/Sufi


Abraham Abulafia: A Key Out of the Palestinian/Israeli Labryinth


Moses Maimonides and the Sufis of Islam


The Tales They Tell: Sufi and Hasidic Teaching Tales


A Mystical Entanglement: The Jewish Gift to Islamic Mysticism


Abraham Maimonides: A Jewish Sufi