Brief History of the Jewish People and the Land of Israel

Abraham born in Babylon- 1813 BCE

Abraham settles in Israel- 1738 BCE

Jacob and Israelites move to Egypt- 1523 BCE

Israelites are made into slaves in Egypt- 1429 BCE

Moses leads Exodus out of Egypt and Israelites receive Torah- 1313 BCE

Joshua brings Israelites into Israel- 1272 BCE

Jewish Autonomy of Israel- 1272 BCE 586 BCE

Assyrians Exile 10 Tribes of Israel- 722 BCE 720 BCE

Babylonians Destroy 1st Temple and Exile Jews- 586 BCE

Persian Empire- 538 BCE 332 BCE

Jews Return to Israel and build 2nd Temple - 516 BCE

Miracle of Purim under the Persians- 425 BCE

Greek Empire- 332 BCE 136 BCE

Miracle of Chanukah under the Greeks (Seleucid Empire)- 136 BCE

Jewish Autonomy of Israel- 136 BCE 63 BCE

Roman Empire- 63 BCE 313 CE

Romans Destroy 2nd Temple- 70 CE

Romans Exile Jews from Israel 135 CE

The Roman emperor Hadrian renamed the land of Israel and Judea as Palastina after the ancient enemies of the Jews - the Philistines - and renamed Jerusalem, Aelia Capitolina- 135 CE.

Byzantine Empire- 313 CE 638 CE

Muhammad is born- 570 CE

Muhammad declared a Prophet- 610 CE

Muhammad migrates from Mecca to Medina and establishes Islamic State- 622 632 CE

Arab Empire captures Jerusalem- 638 CE 1099 CE

Arab Caliph builds Dome of the Rock- 691 CE

Crusaders- 1099 1291

Mamluk Empire- 1291 1516

Ottoman Empire- 1517 1917

British Empire- 1917 1948

Jewish Autonomy of Israel 1948

Jews regain control of Jerusalem and historic Judea and Samaria- 1967